Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Wide World of Insurance

Valley Dental Insurance
We are accepting more types of insurance plans then at any time in our history of history. We now take over 300 insurance plans. Many of these plans are broken up in to types of reimbursement.

Premier plans are usually the most expensive for the employer/employee but pay out the best reimbursement.

PPO plans are usually less expensive for employer/employee but pay out at a discounted reimbursement to providers.

DMO plans are capitation plans that are the cheapest for employer/employee, and reimburse the providers the least.

The quality of dentists and dental work is relevant to a provider’s reimbursement. The quality of materials and the “whole” experience will oftentimes depend on provider reimbursement. With premier plans you can expect to find a better variety of dentists as well as higher quality materials and services.

PPO plans will offer fewer choices of dentists, and reduced quality of materials and services.

DMO plans will typically offer the least variety of dentists, lowest quality of materials, and services.

In essence, you get what you and your employer pay for…

So when it comes time to selecting a dental plan for you and your family keep this in mind. You can still get quality materials and services with lesser plans (PPO & DMO) but they’ll often leave you paying out of pocket. Premier plans on the other hand leave you painless, ha ha, I mean paying less.

Hopefully the above helps in understanding the confusing world of insurance. If you ever question whether we accept your insurance here at Valley Dental Care, we most likely do. We welcome you to call anytime with questions.


Upcoming, will be highlights from this year’s annual dental convention taking place the last week of April.

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